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2011 Artwork 2011 Artwork Feeling Blue 12"x36" can be hung horizontal or vertical SOLD 162061839 The Two of Us 24"x36" SOLD 162061832 Bubbly Feelings 18"x24" SOLD 162061829 Embrace 18"x24" SOLD 162061830 Flowing 12"x 36 + 18"x 36" Diptych Mixed media on canvas available on Etsy 166957496 Closed Doors 18"x24" SOLD 162061834 December Dreams 12"x12" SOLD 162061837 Captured 24"x36" SOLD 162061840 Happy 6"x6" SOLD 162061838 Yellow Dress 6"x6" SOLD 162065844 Beyond 18"x24" SOLD 162065845 In The Park 18"x24" SOLD 162065846 Under Water 10"x10" SOLD 162065847 Big Hug mini no 1 12"x12" familyseries SOLD 162065851 Big Hug mini no 2 12"x12" familyseries SOLD 162065854 Big Hug mini no 3 12"x12" familyseries SOLD 162065853 Big Hug 36"x36" familyseries SOLD 162065843 Big Hug Maxi 40"x40" family series no 0 SOLD 162065855 Impact 36"x48" SOLD 162296942 Destination 12"x36" Mixed media on canvas SOLD 162072252 Balloon Parade 12"x12" SOLD 162065849 Golden Night 6"x 6" mixed media on canvas SOLD 166958100 Reach 30"x48" available SOLD 162065850 Riverside 2 6"x6" SOLD 162143869 Wonderland 24"x48" SOLD 162065852 Love Parade 6"x6" SOLD 162143871 Autumn 10"x10" SOLD 162143872 Glow 6"x6" SOLD 162143873 Tsunami 18"x24" SOLD 162143874 Off The Path 10"x10" SOLD 162143875 Fire 10"x10" SOLD 162143876 Oregon Summer 24"x24" SOLD 162143877

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