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2010 Artwork 2010 Artwork Down The Drain 18"x24" SOLD 162072240 Below The Surface 1-5 5x 12"x12" Mixed media on Wood panels SOLD 162072233 Love Grows 30"x48" SOLD 162072234 Rose City 48"x60" CAP Auction Piece SOLD 162072236 In Sync 36"x36" SOLD 162072237 Freedom 18"x24" SOLD 162072238 Wings 36"x36" SOLD 162072239 Best Buddies 8"x10" SOLD 162072235 Dress-up Party 8"x10" best buddies series SOLD 162072242 Another Night 24"x36" SOLD 162072243 Windy Afternoon 18"x24" SOLD 162072245 Returning Day Light 10"x10" mixed media on wood SOLD 162072246 Full Moon 10"x10" SOLD 162072247 Full Glory 6"x6" SOLD 162072249 Just Another Day 6"x6" SOLD 162072250 Morning Dreams 6"x6" SOLD 162072251 Fading no 1 Recession series 24"x24" SOLD 162297069 LOVE? Hate! 24"x24" SOLD 162297066

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