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2020 Artwork 2020 Artwork Uplifting 12"X36" acrylics on wood 2" thick panel available on Etsy 206549067 In Full Bloom 40"x50" Acryulics on Canvas SOLD commision work 206555602 40"x50" Acrylics on Canvas SOLD 206555603 When Dreams come Thru 51"x70" mixed media on 2" deep wood panel (custom made) SOLD commision work 206555604 One World 30"x48" Mixed media on Canvas SOLD Commision work 206555607 Tuesday Morning 8"x24" Acrylics on panel SOLD 206555608 Bloom 12"x12" acrylic on canvas new bveginnings series SOLD 206555609 New beginnings #2 6'x6" acrylics on canvas SOLD 206555610 New beginnings #1 6"x6" acrylics on canvas SOLD 206555611

Barbar‚Äča Paanakker